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Eventos principales
Eventos principales
Eventos principales
Eventos principales
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POWER-GEN Europe 2017

Hello Sezer, Thank you for all of your help. The Radisson is wonderful. Regards Richard ...
Richard Myracle

Publicado en 29.06.2017

Dmexco 2017

Hello everyone, I'm very happy with the service provided by roombites, especially with Anna, who is my main contact. She always understands our...
Victoria Müller
APPSfactory GmbH

Publicado en 04.10.2017

aquanale 2017

Mary Marinoff’s assistance was really great! Flawless and very proactive: she did truly an amazing job despite all the reservation changes we...
SCP Europe

Publicado en 11.12.2017


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich hoffe es macht keine Umstände, wenn ich auf Deutsch antworte. Ich bin bezüglich der Zusammenarbeit mit...
Ellen Rost
ARTS Solutions GmbH

Publicado en 05.12.2017

Agritechnica 2017

Mary Marinoff was very helpful. Smooth communication. Everything went easy. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her in the future. ...
Valentina A.

Publicado en 30.11.2017

Eurotides 2017

Hello The service of Tinа is outstanding. Fast, polite and on time. The hotel in Frankfurt was not so good. Rooms are very small and old. The worst...
Sven Wolf
Senn Chemicals AG

Publicado en 30.11.2017

Agritechnica 2017
Cityhotel Am Thielenplatz

The event was perfect, no issues or problems. Thank-you for all your help!!!!! ...
Leah Dyrdahl
RDO Equipment Co

Lead Sales Coordinator – Core Accounts
Publicado en 22.11.2017


Hallo Frau Halil, Es hat alles gut geklappt, herzlichen Dank nochmal für Ihren guten Service. Viele Grüße Elli Brüderl ...
Elli Brüderl
Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Publicado en 23.10.2017

Drinktec 2017
Smart Stay Schweiz - Munich

The assistance of Mary and the team during the whole booking process was great, with fast and accurate answers. ...
Marco Ghia
Alfatek srl

Publicado en 11.10.2017

dmexco 2017

Hi, Mary Marinoff was very helpful with the reservation for Colleen Bisconti. The room was ready as requested and a perfect distance to the location...
Sarah J. Schafer
IBM Corporation

Assistant, IBM Global Administration
Publicado en 09.10.2017

Offshore Europe 2017, Aberdeen

We are very satisfied with cooperation with Mary Marinoff :) ...
Malgorzata Sawinska
Gdańska Stocznia "Remontowa" im. J. Piłsudskiego S.A.

Publicado en 05.10.2017

IFA 2017

We booked with Tina Hendricks, it was PERFECT!!!! ...
Marisa Cabrerizo

Publicado en 02.10.2017
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